Babariga. He will dance recklessly and shake his buttocks for the crowd.
Babariga, he will flaunt it like he owns it, but of course he owns it, this heavy regalia in which he shines.
Babariga, a failure you are, a potbellied shame. Oh Babariga you have failed your people yet hopelessly they dance with you.
Babariga, a liar and a thief, a miscreant, a political scam!
Babariga, a calabash of empty promises, a modern slave trade master, an exploiter of the youth.
Babariga you are the cross we carry that our fathers have also carried.
Babariga, you are desolation! the sudden death that has crept upon our systems.
Babariga with your hysterical laughter and your flamboyant offsprings.
Oh Babariga! That a people should suffer like this.
Babariga, are our strives not enough? What more should be done?
Babariga Ah! Leave us alone with your dance attires and your honey laced words. Babariga leave us alone in our penury stricken shame created by no one but us, Babariga leave us alone for your mockery deepens our shame.
Babariga. Shame on you as woe betides you.
Babariga. One day you will be gone swept beneath a rock.
Babriga, we will take back our lands and make it our own. Oh that our youths will die no more as a tool in your hand Babariga.
Babariga, that our children may inherit the beauty of their land.
Babariga, with all your flamboyance your end is near.
Babariga, entice your audience once more with swiftly shaken buttocks.
Babariga! Babariga!



Suicide’s seduction

I have never been to a funeral before, but I have seen people lose the ones they love
They cry
They wail
They weep
They mourn
Then some of them stay numb
And some others die as well. They gradually fade away,  losing their life to the dead to be dead in a few years.
This is the worst kind of death. To throw yourself in a casket and give up while the sun still shines on you.
I have never been to a funeral but I know for certain many dead men.
They walk
They talk
They eat
They sometimes laugh
They get lost in thought
They are dead, their casket a burden on their shoulders which they pull along with each step.
They have given up, you just don’t know it, you are their yardstick for their unachievable life of success. Yes you.
When you sit with them and when you pour them a drink do you not see death in their eyes?
Do you not hear the voices of your ancestors speak back?
When your grace your speech with flamboyance and color them with your laughter do you not hear a laughter too familiar,  unfamiliar, distant, yearning begging to be something,  someone in a world that is everything; demanding, judgmental, antagonistic, hateful, sad, depressing, ever failing.
Suicide lays naked at your door
Her grave neatly dug
Her laughter so familiar is a curse
Your love so strong it’s her loss
Take a second look at the ones you love.


Beautiful week guys.

Achieving in 2017 (Vision Alignment Strategy)

It’s 2017 in a few day, the most of you have taken time out to jot down resolutions, this is after all an every year thing.
So you write these lofty goals and ideas on papers and tabs,  and read them with gleaming eyes. This is the sign that you are set for 2017.
Permit me to ask a simple question? HOW?
You want to buy a bank right? How?
Sell a million records? HOW?
This is a defeatist approach, like it or not, in a couple of months you will be done with 2017, ticking dates on your calendar waiting for a bad year to run out so you could what? Start again with some magnificent lofty resolutions and the cycle is endless.
So before the year runs out, let’s try something different. Let’s get our vision straight.
So you want to buy a bank and be a real estate guru right?
Get a pen, and afterwards a paper.
This is no resolution. Write it. Write all the beautiful things you want to do on that paper, write it and don’t quit for a minute.
When you are done take a walk, a break, a second to think about the beautiful things written, see the picture clearly, now ask yourself how?
It’s not okay to want if you don’t know how to get it. The how is what determines your 2017. You need to know how and you need to know it in more than just one way.

You have a few days to 2017, the how is not a day’s job, this thing has made grown men cry and run mad as a result of frustration. The how makes you understand how realistic a vision is. It’s time to think about the how, and think about it deeply too.

I will be thinking about my how today and plotting a ‘how plan’ tomorrow, hopefully, you can do same and we can move to other stages from there. God speed.


Don’t stop dreaming, however, start doing.


Adedoyin Jaiyesimi
Adedoyin is a Content and Social Media Strategist. She is the Founder of The Sparkle Writer’s Hub where she helps people to find expression through writing and monetize their writing gift. She is also the Lead Content Strategist at Content Craft, a content and social media consulting company that helps businesses to get returns on their social media investment through the use of creative content and social media strategy. She has worked on projects for The Nigerian Economic Summit Group, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ). Adedoyin’s work has been featured in Y! Magazine (now Y! Africa), Connect Nigeria, 234 Finance, Pride Magazine Nigeria, amongst others.


Valerio Thompson-Boco
Valerio is a creative writer, Filmmaker and social entrepreneur. He’s the Founder/Director for the Girl Child Empowerment Initiative. He’s also the Chief Marketing officer for the New African Chapter


Chinwendu Queenette Nwangwa
Chinwendu is a spoken word artist, a poet, orator, scriptwriter, public speaker and Feminist.
She is the current Vice President for the Nigerian Student Association, African University College of Communication Chapter.
C.E.O Wakaabout Chronicles


Daniels Akpan
Ambassador Daniels Akpan of Africa, is a globally recognised youth activist and educational advocate championing the course of youths and education in Africa.
He has volunteered for a number of organizations, spearheading others, while holding leadership position in others. His continental impact in Africa, has earned him several International recognitions. He is a Goodwill Ambassador for Youths, Education and Human Rights at the International Human Rights Commission; a Peace Ambassador at the International Youths for Peace, a Founding Member of the African Youths Commission, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Centre for Learning & Educational Development Advocacy Africa, Registrar at CLEDA Training School, and President of Word Bank Book Club, amongst others.


In his archives are awards like “Politician of the Year Award” 2012; “Best President of the Year Award” 2011; “Most Celebrated Akwa Ibom Students Award” 2011.

Do you have your pens ready? We flag off tomorrow!!!!


We recently just started speaking about our young writers prize and we are pleased to announce that the contest will be open in a few days!!

BU Young Writers Prize Guidelines

Please read! Entry implies acceptance of rules.

– Entries can be on any subject and in any form however stories written for children are not recommended.

– Entrants can enter only one story.

– The prize is open to young Nigerian writer between the ages of 13-18 at the time of the closing date.

– Entries must be entirely the work of entrants and by submitting you are confirming that the work belongs to you. Evidence stating otherwise will lead to disqualification.

– Entries may never have been published or self published on any website, blog or platform.

– Entries must be in English

– Entries should be single spaced.

– Word count and title of Entry should be stated at the top.

– Names SHOULD NOT be stated but attached alongside title of entry, location and age of entrant as a different documents (this is to ensure entries are judged anonymously by judges)

– Entries should be submitted as doc, docx. Or PDF.

– All Entries should be sent to the official email address given by the organizers.

– A picture of entrant can be attached as a separate document.

– Amendments cannot be made after submissions.

An acknowledgment mail will be sent to all entrants as a confirmation.

Worldwide copyright of each entry remains with the author but the BU young writer’s prize will have the unrestricted right to publish winning stories in her anthology or any relevant. publicity material

Judges decision are final.
Judges are fair and unbiased.
Experienced readers may assist judges in voting of shortlists.
BU reserves the right to change the judges without notice.

Results will be announced on platform chosen by the organizer.

NB: Only the official winner will be contacted personally.

For the test run episode of the BU Young Writers Prize;

The Long story prize is #7,000 (Five thousand naira) a slot at the 2017 edition of Camp BU for young creatives and leaders. A sponsored writing mentorship with Centre for Learning and Educational Development Advocacy Africa

The short story prize is #5000 (Five thousand Naira) A sponsored writing mentorship with Centre for Learning and Educational Development Advocacy Africa

The Best Female writer is #5000 and an ambassadorial position with the Girl Child Empowerment Initiative.

The top five writers get free mentorship with the Centre for Learning and Educational Development Advocacy Africa.

The overall best writer gets a mentorship with the Sparkle Writers Hub.

BU Scholars reserves the right to amend these rules where is deemed fit. Changes made to rules will be posted.

Our judges and opening dates will be released soon. We can’t wait to see the beautiful talents stroll in.

For further enquiries:

BU Young Writer’s Prize gets bigger!

So last week, we decided to host a young writer’s contest for teenagers between the ages of 13-18.

I’m really excited and pleased to announce that our contest just got BIGGER!!

Porsch Stores an international female clothing line has joined our train for the test run edition!


And they will be covering the long story prize!!!

It gets better! The Girl Child Empowerment Initiative has also hopped on this train and will be giving out the prize to the best female writer and also an ambassadorial position.


Our prizes have been expanded and we are excited about our winners!!

Bobsriky, Morality and fifty million naira

So let me rush this. This isn’t a rant. I promise it won’t be too lengthy.
Yesterday I logged onto my Twitter to find the Nigerian Twitter agog, OK.
Before then I had just stumbled on the news by sahara reporters that stated that our own MORAL KING Reuben Abati was DASHED 50MILLION! (Yes my eyes popped even wider than yours) so while the thought of a dashed fifty million remained in my mind, I hastily concluded that the twitter drama was centred around it, but I was wrong. It wasn’t about Reuben or a dashed fifty million, neither was it about the shameless women warring for Patience Jonathan, it was different and about a supposedly gay cross dresser – BOBRISKY and the saga of having an uneducated heathen amongst ‘Reputable’ men at the EIE event.


So Bobrisky is a man that has been said to sleep with other men (we have closet homosexuals on twitter raving in disapproval)
Bobrisky is the cover boygirl for bleaching ( as is Nkechi and Shola)
Bobrisky is uneducated! (Some miscreants throwing stones could barely type in English)
Bobrisky is not a role model and should never been seen as one by the youth ( who is a role model?)
The hypocrisy in Nigeria is alarming!
Just a few days ago a beauty queen and a slimy cucumber were signed into history. This is not to judge but who would have ‘thunk it’? That a ‘Beauty queen’ will engage in acts only to be done as she so rightly put it in a failed damage control press release – by people who were not brought up right. Who really would have?
Then it was our Reuben and a dashed fifty million, tomorrow it might be whoever.
Had these aforementioned been put up on a flyer to preach on new media perhaps it would have been more aligned with the mission and vision of Alder consulting but no it had to be BOBRISKY, the male slut.


I’m not about to condemn Alder consulting or any other human who pulled out of the event, heck I would pull out with immediate alacrity should I  be put on the same panel with bobrisky! This is not because he has been accused of being homosexual or because he has bleached his sins away, but simply because brands should be respected and I would never want to be associated with anyone or anything that only speaks about a BAE and sex! What’s that about? My reputation counts! And so does Alder’s and Bashir’s
However in one thing I stand with the risky, as we all get an opportunity to stand these days! I stand with him and against the unprofessional judge judys that have made him their target for moral judgements.
Those of you with the book of life entrusted into your care by the god you serve.
The same people that make love to cucumbers behind closed doors.
The same that are shameless closet rapists.
The same that jump from hotel to hotel in a bid to live the good life.
The same ones that are thieves and cyber criminals.
The same ones that have achieved nothing and strive for failure.
I stand with Bobrisky against you all! He may not be perfect but neither are the most of you…of us!


Habiba is a young teenage girl married to a 65-year-old Emir. A lot of you stood with girls but have your butts glued to a chair in a time it matters.
Our president needs loan to run a country driven to it’s grave.
Some shameless women are hanging their breast in the sky for Patience Jonathan.
Reuben Abati was dashed fifty million.
And a lot of northern Nigerian girls still belong to the other room and a hospital ward treating VVF,
All we can be worried about is the morality of a male diva who struts his stuff to the bank?
Nigeria! Who really hath bewitched thee?